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West Seattle Fall Festival Sunday 9/24/23 11am - 2pm

Alaska Junction on California Ave SW, Seattle, WA

Unveiling of Sealife Mural #4 

Painted during the West Seattle Summer Festival with over 100 community

members in 2 days. This mural depicts the beauty of the vivid life in the Puget Sound.

Thursday Art Walk /Show Through September

September 14th 20223 Opening reception 5pm-8pm

Seattle Dive Tours

4217 SW Admiral Way, Seattle Wa. 98116

Seattle Dive Tours is a perfect place to show my new Seaweed and Seagrass paintings. This dive community is all about putting your head under water and discovering the beauty of the ocean and learning how to protect it. My new body of work was inspired by my many days of experiencing low tide this summer. Whether I am swimming close to shore or carefully walking the intertidal zone, I am amazed at the colorful assortment of beautiful Northwest Seaweeds. The more I learn about the plethora of diverse seaweeds and seagrasses, the more I want to share. I refer to the tons of photos I take and with my experience on the beach, I find it impossible to run out of subject matter to paint. In addition to this new series, I have two pieces; Chasing Salmon and Southern Resident Orcas that were inspired from Drone photos taken from 100 ft above the whales. With these photos marine life veterinarians can monitor the health of these vulnerable whales. Because SR3 is helping marine life animals here in the Northwest, I am donating 50% of proceeds with the sale of these two paintings. Check out their website for more information.

Chasing Salmon $800

Orca family V $800

Summer 2023

West Seattle Summer Festival

July 14 -July 15

Alki Art Fair

July 21-July 23  

Art available at Pike Place Market Seattle Wa. Check social media for schedule or email for inquiries.

Bakery Nouveau     Exhibition December 19, 2022 - February 1, 2023 

West Seattle 4737 California Ave SW

Here at Bakery Nouveau I have selected a few paintings that represent the beginning of my underwater series journey. This collection includes 2 Southern Resident Orca paintings, inspired by drone view photos taken by Holly Fearnbach from SR3. I dedicate these pieces to Ken Balcomb who sadly passed away on Dec. 15th. He was the founder of Orca Network and who created the identification system of J, K, and L pods known as the southern resident orcas.

We can arrange painting pick up or enjoy free delivery in the West Seattle area. There is also an option before purchase for an in-home viewing to see if the painting fits the space before purchase. Keep in mind there is still time for a holiday gift!

2022_DISCOVERY SHOP_scarves-3.jpg

West Seattle Art Walk

Thursday 9/8/22  5-8pm

One night only

I will be exhibiting new Fabric Art at

American Cancer Society Discovery Shop/ West Seattle

A percentage of proceeds will benefit ACS

Painting about the Ocean is my passion. Teaching about the problems in the environment through art is my mission. You can often see me painting outdoors either at the beach or at community events. My latest project was painting a 4’x8’ mural with the community at the West Seattle Summer Festival. Until now I have not talked much publicly about my Breast Cancer journey. I didn’t want this diagnosis to define who I am. I am a painter, mother, friend, and family member and I am also a cancer survivor. Since I have been asked to participate at the Discovery Shop, I have taken the opportunity to say; cancer sucks! but, you are not alone. No one should be alone on this journey. I gained knowledge and strength through close contacts and strangers. There are many organizations and people with experience that can make the scary diagnosis palatable. One great resource is The American Cancer Society which has invested in cancer research since 1946.

It makes sense to give to an organization that does so much to help cancer patients.

For this one night only show, I will be donating a percentage of proceeds to The American Cancer Society.

You will have the opportunity to see my latest wearable/frameable fabric Art and have profits from your purchase go to a good cause.

Alki Art Fair July 23 and 24
Live painting demonstration
both days with Stacey. 
Paintings, prints,
and clothing for sale


West Seattle Summer Festival July 15th and 16th 


Pike Place Market

Alki Art Fair


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