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Speaking up for Marine life large and small. Hopeful...

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I have been painting since I could hold a brush and selling my Art since 1980. My art career started on the Santa Monica boardwalk while attending California State University Northridge.
While selling hand painted baby clothes on the weekends and taking classes during the week, I managed an Art Gallery. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Art Degree, I traveled around Europe.
I fell in love with the island of Ios in Greece where I resided for eleven years. Swimming with octopus and sea life triggered my passion for the Ocean. During this time on the island, I opened “Basilic Art Gallery” where I sold canvas, fabrics, and clothing. At the same time, I sold hand painted baby clothes and tee-shirts to stores all over Greece. 
After thirteen years in Europe, I returned to America and to the Pacific Northwest. Motherhood and working in an Art Gallery kept me busy. Then in 2002, I began selling my Art at Pike Place Market full time. In addition, I painted murals and created local community Art projects.
Adding to my workload, I taught a Marine life after-school Art class. I created this art program, finding it a great way to teach children about ocean issues and sea life.  
Through these experiences and volunteering for ocean conservation groups, I found my passion to advocate for clean oceans and to protect Sealife. Since 2020, I have been painting entirely about the Salish Sea. I am fortunate to live close enough to the Puget sound to swim and get instant inspiration. I paint seascapes to Sealife. I love translating the colors and images I see from above the water and the colors and Sealife below the water to canvas. With my paintings I hope to trigger a bigger love of the ocean and with this help save the beauty and biodiversity of the Salish Sea and beyond.

Stacey Sterling

Painting is my passion. Educating about our oceans through Art is my mission.

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